Increase Your Immunity During This Pandemic Time

Prevention of the coronavirus is currently only possible with precautions. As we all know the coronavirus is caused by touching small drops of respiratory droplets and objects contaminated with the virus from the cough or sneeze of an infected person. When a person is infected with the coronavirus, he or she develops symptoms such as fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing. There is still no cure for the disease and no vaccine can yet prevent it.



A small request to all of you in this regard, please increase your immunity during this pandemic time. We know that nature has given us a wonderful gift in the form of immunity. Our bodies have produced certain chemicals and cells that help us fight against any disease. Food plays a vital role in boosting the immune system of our bodies.

If our diet is deficient in essential vitamins, especially vitamin C, then our immune system is weakened. Green chilies, broccoli, guavas, strawberries, papayas, lychees, and sour fruits such as canola, oranges, lemons, etc. are rich in vitamin C. So if we include these foods in our daily diet, we will make up for the lack of vitamin C.

Another important point is that if our body is dehydrated, it will also affect our immune system. We should try to drink water, again and again, it is better to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water throughout the day. Water should always be drunk at room temperature (experts also recommend drinking a glass of lukewarm water twice a day).

If the body is deficient in salts, it also affects the immune system. Fresh fruit juice and green vegetables are useful to overcome this deficiency. Tomato, cucumber, carrot, and beetroot juices are also considered very useful in this regard.

Pure honey and olive oil also improve our body’s immunity.

Dried fruits also have numerous medical benefits. Their use in moderation makes the human body strong and energetic. A handful of dried fruits a day is good for our health. They contain many minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that help boost the immune system.

Stay away from stress and tensions

Both stress and tension greatly affect the immune system of our bodies. So, please stay away from all quarrels, conflicts, and mental disturbances. Keep your mind calm and get enough sleep. Another important thing is not to use your mobile phone too much at night, especially for recreational purposes because the night is for sleeping and your brain wants to sleep. When you delay sleep due to mobile use, your sleep is affected, and your whole body is in a state of stress.

Schedule daily light exercise to keep you fit and boost your immune system.

Take precautions to stay safe

Coronavirus is treated basically by keeping the patient’s body active, helping them to breathe, until their immune system is able to fight the virus. Currently, the only way to avoid the coronavirus is to take precautions, and it is well-known that precaution is better than cure.

So wash your hands frequently with soap or gel that can kill the virus. When coughing or sneezing, cover your face with a handkerchief or tissue paper and wash your hands immediately afterward. If neither of them is available, then sneeze or cough on your arm as the drops of moisture thus released will not get your hands dirty.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth after touching any surface as the virus could enter your body if that surface was infected. Maintain a social precaution by wearing a mask and do not approach people who have a cough or fever or are sneezing because the virus comes out of their mouths via drops of moisture and stays in the air for some time. Keep a distance of at least one meter, means three feet from such people. It would be much better if you maintain a distance of 2 meters or six feet.

Social distancing is the key to prevent the virus

The only way to stop the spread of the coronavirus is to practice social distancing. Limiting face to face contact with other people is the best possible way to reduce the spread of the disease. With social distancing, we can keep the distance between ourselves and other people and can avoid exposing ourselves to the virus and help in slowing down its spread in our community.

So, please be safe and stay at home.







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