My Story

This is My Story

Hi, my name is Mohammad and I am currently 46 years old and have been living with Type-2 diabetes for the last four years. 

When it was first diagnosed in 2015, I was shocked. I used to love and enjoy my sedentary lifestyle with no exercises at all. It was very tough for me to accept this fact and to change my lifestyle which I loved a lot. I was very frustrated as well.

But with the passage of time, I learned that having diabetes is not the end of the world. Many diabetic people in the world are still living a happy life so why shouldn’t I?

I started exploring the same way as you are doing now. I still remember my first blood sugar level, it was 305 mg/dl (fasting), and I was panicked. I visited my family doctor many times. I am very thankful to her; she helped me a lot in getting out of this trauma.

Besides her, I also visited an Endocrinologist and Dietitian a lot. Now my blood sugar level is very much under control. It is 128 mg/dl (fasting) as of today. Though it is still high, it’s ok and it is all because I have changed my lifestyle. It’s still somewhat sedentary and without exercises to be very honest.  🙂 

Today, I am enjoying my life the same way I was enjoying four years back when I didn’t know anything about my diabetes.

I want to share those simple methods that I have learned that have helped me to overcome my diabetes just within three years. If you are newly diagnosed Type-2 or prediabetes, you can also enjoy your life as you were enjoying earlier by only following my basic guidelines.

Those who have diagnosed with Type-1 or other types of diabetes should consult and strictly follow their doctor’s advice all the time. My guidelines are only for those who are either Type-2 or prediabetes.

So, relax and don’t panic (like me in the beginning). You must first learn all about your diabetes and then take small positive steps. I know you will also do great.

You must remember that many people live long and real lives with diabetes. You need to learn from those people, and I guarantee you to be one of those people too.

The primary objective of my website is to provide you with reference to diabetic information sources that will help you to learn everything you need to know about your diabetes.

Besides this, I also want to communicate with you some of my lessons that I learned and that is helpful in controlling your diabetes. You must know that once you have diabetes, it cannot be reversed back at all but you can control it with authority. You must also remember that this is your life and you have to enjoy it and take care of it on your own.

If you ever need feedback or support from me regarding your diabetes, I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment or contact me via email and make sure you visit my website regularly as I am always updating it with the latest information that I come across that I know you will find it helpful.

Best Regards,

Mohammad Moinuddin Farooqui